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Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Robert Nienkemper on 24 June 2018, 18:56:51 »
Very sad to hear that!

I didn't race much last few years because of health problems, but you guys did a fantastic job building XRPM to what it is today. Sad to see that losing....

Wish you guys all the best for the future and as we know each other  since F1rst I hope we keep contact somehow.

Robert Nienkemper aka Rinker
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Denis Gorelov on 24 June 2018, 15:10:26 »
Only bad news for me last time. Also i stopped racing with this f1 car that i unlike too much, i always hoped to rejoin next season with this community, so always visiting site and knew about that not from email.
But it will not work...
Well, i hope its not the end and as well me now is some kind of homeless if there are ideas where now we can go for race not in sunday day please tell there.
Good luck fore everybody, i hope we will meet in virtual world again (and not only in virtual, who knows?)
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Milan Radivojevic on 23 June 2018, 22:11:25 »
So sad to hear this..
Haven't done many races here but did some good quality test seasions with guys on TeamSpeak.. It was a pleasure to meet all of you guys and drive  with you. I was lurking here evry now and then since I retired from this league,but I had to write this now. Thank you for all hard work you guys put in xrpm.eu  :cheers 
I really hope I will some of you guys again on track somewhere!  :cheers
Evryone,take care and best wishes. Milan
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Antti Hyytiainen on 22 June 2018, 23:18:17 »
Sorry to hear.

I guess it was bound to happen at some point, as grids were getting smaller and smaller, despite the outstanding framework XRPM had in place. It's true rF2 never really picked up the way rFactor did (at least for now), and still it seems like the sim is in this perpetual cat/mouse game of chasing its potential, while new and upcoming titles are coming out and taking some of the aspects to a whole new level (read: graphics). I don't personally care much for AC/iRacing/RaceRoom/whatnot, but I do hope Reiza has something interesting in store for us in the future, and at some point we can all be a part of the same grid again.

For the admins and racers alike; thank you for all your enthusiasm and effort, and thanks for all the memories. Organizing a 24-hour endurance race, with over 100 drivers from all around the world, with a live broadcast complete with commentary, plus live marshaling, and all this with a tiny skeleton crew? Crazy! But oh so memorable. Listening to ISEC team representatives on the TS Race Control channel complaining about their competitors taking liberties with track limits? Makes me laugh when I think about that now. Personally I found the endurance events to be the most engaging ones, but that's not to take anything away from the sprint championships and events organized tirelessly each year. And even though my on-track efforts were quite few and far between the last couple of seasons, whenever I did find the time to brush up the cogwebs off the wheel, I always found it fun to race against you guys.

Writing this post does invoke a slight sense of regret though. Sure, real life took its toll, but there's still this small nagging feeling that perhaps I could've and should've done a bit more. If not anything else, then just show up to fill the grid when the numbers weren't that good. Also had some early, untested ideas on how to try and bring more people in, but given rate the rF2 user base has been dwindling despite the devs' best efforts, I suppose it's useless to dwell on those now.

However, in the end, with so many things said and done over the past 8 years, and so much offered to so many, one can't help but to think that XtremeRPM did what it was set out to do. To offer a friendly place for sim racers to enjoy their hobby, and race against people from all walks of life on a level playground. In its heyday it didn't get much better than this place. That's something to remember. And while it's a loss not being able to go to this familiar forum to check up on what's the latest champ to start, it is still possible to see familiar names on different sim racing sites and championship tables and think 'hey, that guy used to race at XRPM'. This community has earned its place in internet history, whatever that is.

It was a good run.


I wish you guys all the very best, and admins, like Ed said; enjoy the extra free time. Hopefully we'll bump into each other every now and then, in some other place. :cheers

EDIT: 8 years, that is..
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Zdenek Smarda on 22 June 2018, 13:01:39 »
Sad see this... On XRPM we race second full Endurance Championship - WEC 2014 with LMP2...

So, thanks for yours work and much great racing time....

if you have time, all i invite to endurance.rgpl.eu to 8 Hours of Road Atlanta on GT3 Pack and from September we start ALMS 2018 (LMP2 and GTE) on Endurance Pack... (www.RGPL.eu)

Thanks for nice Endurance times!
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Tygernoot on 22 June 2018, 09:58:30 »
Hi guys,

Sad to hear, yet I can fully understand. The platform was superb, it all appeared to work seemlessly. You did a great effort to keep it running for so long, but at some point it just becomes a second job.

I never quite managed to pick up sim racing again myself, so was only sporadically active in this community. But it was good to know there was some place to go to when I had to some need for speed again :). I participated in some great leagues here, even though I wasn't as invested or quick as I used to be.

As you say, it takes a huge investment to race (let alone to organise). You need to find the time to install everything, set up the car to your liking, do lots of practice laps. And then of course always running the risk of it all being for nothing when you collide in the first corner lol. Add to that the issues you mention with rF2 - it's 2018, we shouldn't have to mess around with the game settings and configurations anymore like we did back in the early F1C/rF days! Back then, rF was pretty much the only available option. It was the first time we could have big grids, better physics, better mods, etc. The sim racing business is a niche market already, and now there are multiple games out there: AC, iRacing, rF2. There are more arcade-like options such as the F1 games, which likely meets the arcade and sim racers in the middle for that easy and quick - but realistic enough looking - racing experience.

Gaming has also evolved from being that ugly PC box in the attic, to consoles in every home and casual games on our smart phones. The small sim racing community will persist, but when it's divided between multiple games and it still takes so much effort to actually get that car on track, it's definitely going to be tricky to keep those numbers up. That's just the state we're in at the moment I suppose...

I wish you all the best and enjoy the spare time you have just gained  :cheers
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Gerhard Hofmann on 21 June 2018, 18:43:47 »
Very sad to hear that!

Simracing is dieing i suppose. these days most people spend their time playing facebook or browser shitgames, nearly no one is interested in putting a lot of time and  passion in training and a serious hobby

Thanks to the team for everything and good luck for your next projects.

My mates and me are currently racing at: SRO SIMRACING ONLINE, a nice community, leaded by Nigel Middleton and Ken Jagger, some of you will know these gentlemen.

thats the place: http://www.simracingonline.co.uk/

Best regards
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Balazs Kiss on 21 June 2018, 16:06:30 »
I'm sorry for hear that.
Basically I raced at ISEC series, few months ago I started some series at you, I'm sorry for you closed the door at XRPM. There were plenty of good races, battles and fights. Thanks the all work. I hope see you on track in other leagues.

You mentioned another places.

SIMCO, yeah plot twist the team name which I used and János, Tamás It's a hungarian league.
Website and forum mainly in hungarian, but in the topics you can write in english, and we have rules in english if you need.
We starting Indy lights series next monday, and we already started GT 500 championship on this monday.
races every 2. monday.
Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Carlos Santos on 21 June 2018, 15:10:12 »
Thanks for your hardwork and time, you gave us plenty of joy  :first
Simracing scene is poorer today.

Wish you guys all the best!

Annoucements / Re: XRPM will close doors!
« Last post by Miguel Cabral on 21 June 2018, 14:18:56 »
...Since ISI sell the game to S397 the things changed a lot and they gave official support only to one community ...

I know what you mean and I agree 100% with you... unfortunately
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