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Hey guys, nothing but issues with my pc here and I wanted to get some input before I start replacing things around.

PC is overheating during race or long stints in rfactor ... would this most likely be a fan problem? it is still spinning.

I have updated the drivers and lowered the quality settings within to game to maybe help with the issue and get me to complete a race.

My video card is a gtx 570. So far I have had this problem in Canada as well as Austria.

Appreciate any suggestions

Have you opened up your PC and removed dust?

Also check for the exact temps. It seems like you're not sure which component is overheating, so try using tools to that monitor the temperatures of the gfx, processor, to see what is actually overheating.

I have opened it up cleaned it as well. I will post the result. I got the program a while back.

attached the report

Try this mate!!  :cheesy: :laugh: lol seriously though, take the side off your case see if that helps first while using it,
if not point a bigger fan on it aswell if you have one, it might help.  :tongue:


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