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New series coming next year


Nick Phillips:
On the 8th January 2008, the first of 381 events took place at Race2Play in the TNC Racing Series at Oran Park, in the much loved FBMW mod for rFactor.

9 years, 58 series, 124,137 laps, 310,902 miles, 220 tracks, 5,860 driver starts and 112 cars later, with the doors closing at Race2Play, the question came of what to do next.

Following discussions with, I am delighted to announce a new series, using rFactor2, but paying tribute to that original series.

With all but Trois Rivieres being available in rF2, those original 12 tracks will be revisited in the Spark F3.

Starting 9 years to the week later, on 3rd January 2017, we will revisit Oran Park, Bathurst, Mid Ohio, Sebring, Limerock, Dijon, Zolder, Lienz, Snetterton, Brands Hatch and Silverstone for 30 minute races at each venue. Trois Rivieres will be replaced by Monaco 66, appearing between Limerock and Dijon, and to finish off March, and probably every driver, we will have the last round at Spa 66 as a monumental finale.

13 weeks of awesome Historic Open Wheeler action!!!

Qualifying will be at 8.30pm UK time, for 15 minutes, with the 30 minute race going off at approx 8.50pm UK time.

Everyone is welcome as we start a new era and look forward to some great racing.

Nick Phillips


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