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Hardware failure.


Brian Larsen:
Hello guys.

Any of you know how to solve this?

Rui Ferreira:

The grainy pictures you get might be the output using the legacy VGA driver running at 640x480x8bit or similar.
rFactor can find your monitor («2. In game graphics says it finds my 1080 though.»), but cannot find your graphics card.
Some other thing might be blocking the card or blocking the rFactor executables from accessing the card, like another program or anti-virus or... I don't know.

Here's something I found:

« crash and error states that the "Application has been blocked form using graphics hardware" Again paraphrasing, I don't recall exact wordage. All but one game, car mechanic simulator 2015. This game crashes and may display the error or have a new error stating that the application could not find usable resolution...»

Result: «I asked the test staff what was wrong and they let me know the Vram was going bad and that's why it was causing all of the video driver issues.»

Botched graphic card memory.


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