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Frederico Sampaio:
Hello guys,

I'm trying to create a skin but i'm struggling to find a proper guidance on internet. Does anyone has a good tutorial or can point me out one?

Thanks in advance

Kostas Kantzouras:
You need photoshop knowledge and a DDS plugin for photoshop that you download from NVIDIA web site, so that you can save your paintings as a .dds file. Rfactor opens this file to "dress" the model.

Open the template of the mod with photoshop and then open an existing skin and compare them. You can use the wireframe to find which part of the car is which and the ready skin to help you find those. Then start painting on new layers, add logos, images or anything, remove the wireframe, leave the shadows, parts, lines and other stuff on top of your paint job and save the file as a dds in your mod folder. The name has to have an "alt" at the end of its name, like this: "".
You can make rfactor create the folder to place the skin inside from the car menu at "tuning", you click create folder and it shows you the path, and also creates a dds file in there that you can use as a guide like i said above. You save your file in that folder, click "reload" and then select your skin with the "alt" name with the arrows beside and view it.

First of all go download and install the DDS plugin.

Tip: You have to also pay attention to the alpha layer in the channels tab. Click on the channels in PS, there you see Red, Green, Blue and Alpha. Choose alpha and click the eye to view only that. Black means the colors come out as matte, white means that they are glossy. You can make many variations and make parts more glossy and parts more matte, by using shades of grey, or make specific things shine. You can also copy merge and paste all layers inside it, or specific layers, so that you can have all your stuff in the alpha layer and sometimes it's just all it takes to make it nice.

Frederico Sampaio:
Thanks mate !!!

Pinned topic, If others have more to add about painting skins here is the place for it!  :yo:


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