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Licensed Based Championships


Nick Phillips:
Hi Folks, and especially @Ricardo Ferreira

I know that events and series are allocated a License level allowed, but to encourage numbers, is it possible to offer a sub championship to each License?

Obviously Gold License drivers are likely to win the majority of the time being the fastest guys, but if for example you had a championship for Gold, Silver, Bronze License drivers, why not have an overall title, and a winner at each License level.

Just think this would encourage more numbers especially when classically and as proved in the Historic F3, numbers always drop off towards the end of the season. If drivers had their own divisional title to fight for, that might keep numbers and interest up.

Certainly worked for me when I employed the same idea using iRatings in series there.

Just a thought.....

Ricardo Ferreira:
Hi Nick,

@Machiel  and @Hilario Sousa are the ranking guys. So they can explained that better than me eheh

That's an interesting idea Nick!

We'll discuss it and look at the possibilities. Thanks! :thumbup

Nuno Senna:
Ei, @Nick Phillips I think you are on something there. Nice topic.

My idea is:

1- If you make 90% of the championship races you will get a bonus Ranking wise.

2- If you don't make 90% of the races you will be highly penalised in ranking.

The values I'll let for those who manage the ranking.

I say 90% cuz sometimes due to work or something else we can't make it. So we left a little margin there.

That's my thought, simple but I believe effective.


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