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Chris Hone:
Hey guys,

I'm just putting together my skin for the Porsche Supercup  :cool: and I can't figure out how to make sure the albedo map is correct for DX11 (whites are glowing!). To be honest I don't understand albedo at all!

Anyone able to offer any advice?

I really want to stick with DX11 so I can compete using my Rift in VR!!!


Miles Wheway:
Not 100% sure of a solution, but could give this a try.

1. Save the psd/pdn image as a dds file
2. Take the flattened image, and reduce the opacity to around 90
3. Save the file again, making sure your alpha channel type is set to "DXT5 (Interpolated Alpha)"

Hope that helps

Nick Curry:
Just don't use true white. I use C1C1C1 and it works great.


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