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Problem with Skin / Question about Skin-Deadline.

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Matthias MacKenzie:
hey guys,

yesterday i "finished" my livery but my wings does not work at all.
I dont know how to name it correct.
right now i called it alt_Wings i think.

Another thinh i need to know.
Since deadline for skins is before Round 5. As i joined yesterday the time was pretty short to train for the race and create a livery.
Is it possible to get my own Car for the rest of season?

Thank you in advance.

Ricardo Ferreira:
Hi dude,

what is the championship?

Matthias MacKenzie:
F2 since im new and white license :)

Ricardo Ferreira:
its WING not WINGS

Matthias MacKenzie:
but with the underline or without? so is it altWing or alt_Wing?

Edit: okay got it now. the file have to be

So should i send the 2 dds files to the email-adress?
I think they will be ready for round 6 then right?
So i choose the default car for todays race?


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