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Hello to all!


Lorenzo Tortella:
Hello to all guys my name is Lorenzo and i'm 22 years old, i'm italian and i came to this community because i heard about it.

I see there are some different championships active now and i noticed that there is a system of license, i like that..
 since that i am new i think i can only hope for a little place in clio or f2 cup for a wild card?

I go to explore the forum, we see in track!  :wink:

Antti Hyytiainen:
Hello Lorenzo, enjoy your stay. :welcome

Ricardo Ferreira:
Hi @Lorenzo Tortella !!  :welcome :welcome

Yes you can start with F2 or Clios ;)
Just careful, that is newbies leagues, people with some experience can reach higher licenses very fast.
But some guys there don't have any sense how to race.. :(

welcome lorenzo  :welcome :cheers


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