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Danny ter Maten:
Hey all,

Thanks for the race, well organised with good drivers!

With (basically only) the new GT power pack.. I do experience quite some problems and they do seem to appear out of a sudden sometimes. Now I am not the brightest on computer technology, so I was wondering if other people with more knowledge or maybe with the same specifications pc experience the same.

Basically with the race I hardly got above 15 fps, or at least thats exactly how it feels. I waited at the start for everyone to take off. When i drive 'alone' on track, while the cars are further removed from me, the issue becomes less. As you probably know, everything messes up, ffb not being able to catch any oversteer etc.. its just undrivable.

On barcelona, basically 4 cars was the max. Turning down head physics en exaggerate yaw makes a difference, but generally the problem comes when there are more cars on track. When i drive alone on the server or with max 2/3 others, its fine. Like really fine and i can screw up my graphics till quite high. (Running DX11 since a while, yes it made the issue a bit bigger)

My specifications:
INtel Core I7 CPU 860 @ 2.80Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI videocard
12GB RAM Memory

My wheel: Logitech G27

I just use one screen.

Now are there people who can drive with similar specs perfectly fine? Even with 10 cars on track?

During warm up, i thought the race would run under the same weather conditions, so by evening. In that case i turned my graphics settings even lower during warm-up (it was why i quickly went offline). I feel it can really hardly be the graphics, also with other mods it works fine. GPU temperatures are fine, max 50 deg.

Now one of my former team mates says that it is probably my CPU? That it is just too slow, but I still have a hard time believing this actually with an I7?

Is there somebody who can help me out a bit? I am now looking for another CPU already.. but they are quite expensive.

Myself, i have the feeling that it could have something to do with 'reading' the opponents cars. Like track position etc. From my precious simulator i know it can make a big difference when you say read it 5 times per second or 999 times per second. Does this work the same in Rfactor?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Danny,

Sorry to hear about the issues. Before anything else, try using DX9? Try offline with some AI cars.

The CPU should be OK I think. I still have an i5 2500K myself. Things might be different in DX11 though, perhaps it needs more CPU power for the GT3 cars?

You can use MSI Afterburner and check all the CPU/GPU usage and temps, very useful tool.

So not much help from me unfortunately... All I can say is "experiment" :)

Tero Dahlberg:
I would also think the CPU is the main issue there. I had a i5 2500k overclocked to 4.4Ghz that was fine with one screen and DX11 but when I moved to triples some months a go it just couldn't keep up and the game would drop out of realtime processing and everything would slow down, I would "jump back" (stay still) to the server and others would hit my car because of it.

The i7 860 is two years older than i5 2500k and looking at some CPU comparison sites it performs much worse. For example

Antti Hyytiainen:
Considering it's the number of cars on screen doing this, have you tried fiddling with the 'visible cars'- option in the graphics menu? I always use around 10-14, because you barely ever see more cars than that on track simultaneously, and even if you do, the further ones are so far away they don't really matter.

Here's a screenie of my graphics settings for today. The reflections and special effects I keep on in case it rains, the rest are nice in a replay or a video, pretty much useless during a race. Using DX9, CPU i5 2310, GTX 970.

Danny ter Maten:
Thanks for the help fellow racers!

I used taskmanager to see my CPU load during a race with AI and it came to basically pretty much 50% if I judged it correctly. Cooling can actually not be an issue either with cooling fans all around the case of the PC and besides that my GPU temp raises till 50 deg max. (Below ill try to add some pictures of my Taskmanager and GPU manager. I have experienced the same with these cars with DX9 as well... but less indeed. So I am considering going back to DX9 as a start indeed.

Tero, I think you might hit the painful spot there.. although I still feel someway that this processor should be able to run it..(because I can be stubborn and my feelings are based on nothing though :D) I think the 'dropping out of realtime processing or being it has an incredible hard time to stay in sync with all the others. It does feel like this indeed. Besides maybe the most important sign.. when this happens in game.. and i drive behind another car.. that other car goes jumping like its on steriods..

Antti, I indeed put my amount of visible cars back to 6 for the race :D Still it was too much to handle :(. Ill show you a screenie of my settings.. they are lower then yours there.. but I think your videocard is better as well.

It just feels to me that there is something thats blocking peformance from my pc when this happens.. :/ It could be my CPU as you are not the only one saying that Tero.. but i feel there is more which is harming.

Here are some pics of what is going on during a race. I had the same happening to me when I made the pics of the task manager and GPU manager.

*Updated pics, now they are hopefully visible :)

One the pictures some show an exceptional low value.. but that is because i turned off the game and then quickly took pictures.. but they show a little bit of history so.. this is what it said.. :/

I now see GPU load is full, is that normal? I mean.. often i experience that when i set my settings higher the game runs smoother.




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