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Re: Championship Information
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ciao come faccio a iscrivermi non trovo la pagina giusta mi aiutate.  :cry:

Hi!!  First, you must type in English, please. I know that all of us want to speak in our "mother language" but here it's only English. I am Portuguese but i talk here allways in English too.

For the registrition on this Championship, i think there's a limitation on the ranking. It's only for Bronze, Silver and Gold licences. I searched on ranking and i saw that you never raced here, so, you are on a White licence yet. You must perform races (and finish them, too...) to "upgrade" your licence to Bronze  :third, then Silver  :second, and at the end, Gold  :first. You see?

If you are new here, i recommend you to read all the rules first. They are on xrpm.eu on top and says "Racing Rules". Then, you must do login and register on a Championship that White licences can race.

If you need help, just ask!!  :cheers