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XRPM FORMULA 2018                         XRPM.EU                         XRPM FORMULA 2018                         XRPM.EU                         XRPM FORMULA 2018


Hi guys, So Ric gave me this 2017 F1 mod that was just recently released, and i have to say that i like it very much! It really is a hell of a lot better than our old one, it just seems like you can actually control the tire temps through setup changes and the balance of the car like you should be able to where as the old mod there was no hope, if the fronts were going to get nuked there would be nothing you could do about it. These are just my initial thoughts after a few tests but lets see what your opinions are too.

I have put it online so that everyone can do some winter testing and give their feedback about it.

Please test this as much as you can and if you find anything wrong with it please let us know.

If you guys like this mod after testing Barcelona and we decide this is the way to go, then we can put up some other tracks to test with different characteristics etc and make sure the tires are good for everywhere.

Regards AJ



Denis Gorelov:
car is interesting, u will not sleep driving it, the only strange thing - it avoiding borders as similar pole magnets each others. It seems to be ok - just physics, but i do not remember cars do it in reality. They can jump on it. with this car we will have a "borderless league". Actually, does it matter? I dont know. But its better to have as in reality. Anyway, its impossible to fix it now, right?

What do you mean by "borderless" mate? i dont understand  :cool:

Denis Gorelov:
 border. Painted white and red stripes construction on track (not american flag), when u drive upon it, sound trrrr-trrrrr appears (something average between machine gun and angry bumblebee). But with this car this sound usually do not appears, cos car cant jump upon it. When i try, it pushes back. Jus as south- south magnets. Or north north magnets. This car avoiding borders. Just like bumblebee avoiding wrong honey. This effect reminds me historic cars and tracks, but there are half heigth wheel borders. Other cars i drived before can jump on border. Now i do my way on track without touching borders. It not a problem, just strange. Sorry if that i wrote is impossible to understand. I tried well but my ruenglish...


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